Current Projects

The board of RMS is presented with many ways to help missionaries and ministries around the globe in their efforts to share the good news of Christ with the lost. The Board seeks and distributes monetary donations to those in need of different facilities. The money raised is then sent to a missionary or ministry for the purchase of property, materials, and labor to assist the local people in the construction of these facilities. RMS asks for accountability for the funds that are sent by requiring the missionary/ministry to submit receipts throughout the process. RMS will also send a representative to see the progress made on the project.  

Below is a list of projects we are currently raising funds for. You can join us in these efforts by donating today!  Please earmark your donations with the project name you wish to fund.  You can mail donations to 6607 Center Industrial Dr., Jenison, MI 49428, or online here, then select the project from the list. For our Canadian brothers and sisters, please submit your donations through URMA.

Domestic Projects


Renovating and updating

WRC bought an existing church building for $1.00 with stipulations that included repairing the steeple and stabilizing the classroom section of the church. It was determined that due to mold and asbestos in the classroom area, the best option was to demolish that structure. Going forward, the church is working with an engineering firm in order to perform some updates to the facilities. The amount needed is approximately $200,000. 

Learn more here!

Messiah’s Reformed Fellowship (MeRF) New York, NY.

funds for church building

MeRF is raising funds to be used as a down payment to purchase a facility in Manhattan, NY. Without money for a down payment, property owners and their realtors do not entertain requests to view properties in NYC. Having funds available for a down payment will open the door to such conversations with the hopes of securing a facility to call ‘home’ for the congregation. Having their own facility will enable MeRF to undertake more evangelistic endeavors, hold training sessions for future church planters, mid-week activities, Bible studies, etc.

Reformed Mission Services



RMS is expanding by God’s grace and would like to construct a facility to house its operations. However, there is more to this project than a facility for RMS. We hope to build a facility that will create office and storage space for other reformed organizations at little or no cost to these ministries. It would also have a space for visiting Missionaries and Church planters to work while they are in the W. MI area. The preliminary cost for this project was determined to be $800,000. USD. However, this price may be significantly reduced by in-kind gifts of labor and materials. For more information visit

Covenant Reformed Church-Carbondale, PA.

Church renovations

This church was built in the early 1900s without accommodations for handicapped persons. The Council is seeking to add a personal elevator, upgrade the bathrooms, power wash the outside, assess the steeple, and refresh the paint on the interior. Preliminary estimates for this project are $150,000. Volunteer teams will be solicited to reduce the labor costs.

Foreign Projects

Bhaktapur, Nepal


This project is progressing well. Funds have been received to complete the third floor. The third floor will be partially used as a dormitory for students to live there during their studies. In order to complete the fourth and fifth floors ~$33,000 is needed. These floors will be used for food preparation, dormitories, and an outdoor patio. See the full article about this project on page 8 of this newsletter, you can also read an update here! If you prefer you can also watch a short video about the start of this project!  Watch this video for an update on the building.

Los Cuadros, Costa Rica

Church and Parsonage

We are thrilled to announce that we only need to raise $20,000 more to purchase land in Los Cuadros, where  a new church building and parsonage can then be constructed. This new location promises a safer environment than the current one, and it will provide greater visibility within the city. We believe that this new location will have a profound and positive impact on the surrounding community.

In the image, you can see Marvin Briceño, Pastor, along with his two sons, Harvin (preaching Elder) and Juan (Deacon) from the Los Cuadros Church. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated as we work towards achieving our fundraising goal. Check out this video about this project!

Gonaives and Jeremie, HAITI


Five churches have been built with funds sent to Haiti so far! There are over 40 congregations that meet outside through all types of weather conditions in the Jeremie/Les Cayes regions of Haiti. Upon the recommendation of our partner Missionary, Dr. Neal Hegeman, RMS is beginning to raise funds to build churches for these congregations. Each building costs $15k-$18k to complete.  


Two Church Plants of Calvary Reformed Church

Evangelical Church - Jesus Christ, Eternal King, San Pedro, Sucre – Colombia.  They are seeking $4,000 USD to purchase the materials for a sanctuary in which to worship.

Prince of Peace Church, Cicuco Bolivar, Colombia. They are seeking $7,000 USD to install a ceiling and install metal doors to the existing facility.

Vicente Guerrero, Mexico

Church Renovations

In association with members of the RCUS, the church located 200 miles south of San Diego, CA is in need of maintenance and upgrades to its electric panels. There is a church a parsonage, and a radio station on the property. Preliminary estimates for this project are $12,000.


Various Projects

In cooperation with NAPARC Denominations PCA, RPCNA, and OPC, RMS is planning to assist the Japan Presbyterian Mission denomination with 14 projects around the island. The presented cost for all of these projects is



Various projects for Churches

Ccachin - Plaster for the interior and sand/cement for the exterior of the adobe construction Cost - $3,500.00

Pampa Corral - A new roof and a small addition to the existing building. Cost - $5,600.00

Qelqena - Construct a New one-story building made from cement and blocks. Cost - $12,200.00

Tambohuaylla - Construct a New one-story building made from cement and blocks. Cost - $12,200.00

Picchu - Finishes to the second floor of the church. Cost - $1,800.00

TicaTica - New foundation and structure. Challenges due to the irregular elevations which need footings and columns to support a floor that will begin the church building construction above. When completed, it will serve as a crawl space or basement (unfinished). Cost - $23,500.00

Alto Qosqo Project 1 - Continue construction to the building. Challenges due to the irregular elevations which need footings and columns to support a floor that will begin the church building construction above. When completed, it will serve as a crawl space or basement (unfinished). Cost -$23,500.00

The Dominican Republic


Church in San Mateo: Requires a new roof due to termite infestation in the trusses. The replacement involves changing the metal roof to a concrete one, totaling $12,100.

Nagua Church: Needs finishes for the building, including floor tiles, windows, doors, and security bars for the windows, with an estimated cost of $3,150.00.

Campeche, Mexico


$40,000 need to complete this project of constructing a parsonage on the Reformed church-owned property in Campeche, MX. The church has already completed the floor and columns for the project. We also had a team go there to help with the construction in March of 2024. View Photos of that trip! 

Recent projects money has been raised for



Ministry Center: Funds were sent down to purchase 15 more bunk beds and 18 mattresses to replace the termite-infested wooden ones. They were also able to replace 10 wooden bathroom doors and 4 wooden bedroom doors with metal ones.

Church in Batey Nuevo: Funds were received and used to construct a women’s bathroom, as well as to add windows and doors to the church.

Heidelberg Theological Seminary


Funds were raised to cover the costs for HTS students who are studying abroad, mainly in Africa and the Philippines. The funds will help supply each study station with reliable internet and provide qualified students access to the LOGOS Bible Software. 

Santa Marta, Colombia

third floor of the church

We are pleased to announce that all $12,000 have been successfully received! These funds are integral to finalizing the third floor, designated for their established after-school tutoring program. Upon completion, this expansion will eliminate the need for rent on their current facility, enabling them to extend support to more students in their learning journey and offer medical check-ups for children in the community, including Venezuelan refugees. Further details and images can be found here and here. Read the article about this project on page 10 of our 7.3 Newsletter.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Seminary and Student Housing

$20,000 was raised to complete this building. Funds for windows and doors, plaster/stucco, paint, and flooring has been sent for as well as funds to hire local workers to complete this project. Learn more and see photos here!

Huancaro, Peru


In the Huancaro district of Cusco, Peru, a church was built where RMS was able to work alongside members of the congregation on this project in December of 2022. Funds were used to enclose the building that was started. There are photos from our 2022 trip which can be seen here.

Villahermosa, Mexico


We have raised the funds needed to remodel the house of the pastor in this local church. The work involved upgrading the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and applying a sealant to the cement roof. View some of the photos here.

Challwhacocha, Peru

Roof and Floor

Funds were raised to replace the earthen floor with a wooden floor and to improve the roof of this church in Peru. The cost for this project was $2,800 This is near the work we have done in HuacaHuasi.

Santa Rosa, Domincan Republic

Church Addition

Here is a video of the recent work we did in January of 2023 in the Dominican Republic. Our team was able to help the church in Santa Rosa put on an addition, and we're so grateful for the prayers and financial support that made this possible.