We desire to provide opportunities for church members, as the body of Christ, to serve and put their faith into practice. Our desire is to partner with our member churches to be a mobilizer, sending men and women from their congregations to serve through the opportunities provided. We hope that relationships would begin between those in the field and those who travel to serve alongside them.

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If you would like more information about a specific trip, please contact us.

RMS assembles teams of volunteers to travel to places recommended by our member churches and their missionaries to work alongside the local people building churches, ministry centers, seminaries, pastor’s homes, and other structures vital to the work in the spread of the Gospel.  In addition to opportunities in the US and Canada, RMS has been working in the countries of Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia.

  • cusco, Peru

    Since 2010, RMS has been working with the church in the San Antonio district of Cusco on several building projects including a MINTS Study Center, a home for the leader of the church, and assisting with the construction of two churches in the mountain villages of Lares and HuacaHausi.

    Article from our 2024 trip

    Photos from our 2024 Trip



  • tepeyac, COSTA RICA

    For many years, RMS volunteers have been traveling to San José, Costa Rica to help Rev. Bill and Aletha Green with their  ministries, including the CLIR print shop, the high school and grade school buildings. These volunteers have also assisted with various projects at the church plants in the region.

    PHOTOS FROM OUR 2024 TRIP!     

  • Campeche, Mexico

    RMS is looking for volunteers for an exciting new project in Campeche, Mexico. The project involves the construction of a new pastor's home on the grounds of the existing church. This project requires foundation workers, block layers, carpenters with experience in forms and trusses, and flat work masons. This is an opportunity for volunteers to put their skills and expertise to work in helping to build a new home for the pastor in Campeche. If you have experience in any of the above areas and are looking for a meaningful and impactful volunteer experience, please reach out to RMS for more information.


  • Cincinnati, Ohio  -  westside Reformed Church

    Volunteers of all skill levels are greatly needed to assist with the newly acquired church building at WRC. As we explore ways to support this congregation, we are in the process of assembling a roster of individuals, along with their available dates, who are eager to contribute their time.  Sign-up here to indicate your availability. Further details regarding this project can be accessed here.

  • Bohoc, Haiti

    RMS travels to the central plateau, near Pignon and works with the Haitian American Friendship Foundation (HAFF) as they provide many services to the local people including a clinic, pastor training, Bible studies, and its secondary school. This trip is limited to participants 18 and older.

    PHOTOS FROM OUR 2023 TRIP!                     

  • Sabana grande de boya, Dominican Republic

    RMS travels to the Ministry Center in Sabana Grande de Boya. Dr. Neal Hegeman, began a Ministry Center, planted churches, as well as the Christian School here. RMS has been traveling to Dominican Republic for a number of years and have helped the local people build churches and parsonages as well as maintain the Ministry Center.

    Photos from our 2024 Trip

  • Santa Marta, Colombia

    Calvary Reformed Church has been working with two churches about a 4-hour drive from Santa Marta. One of these churches had four walls but no roof. RMS sent volunteers to assist the local workers there install cement roof panels on the steel frame. The team also worked with Calvary’s outreach program that focuses on tutoring and mentoring school-aged children.

    Photos from our 2023 trip!

Community Action TRIPS

If you would like more information about a specific trip, please contact us.

Window washing, yard clean-up, & handicap ramp construction are a few of the services that we have found to be perfect for community outreach to begin relationships with the people in a community and share information about the local church.


    In conjunction with our Community Action program, RMS organizes opportunities to perform acts of service in the community of a local church. These projects include window washing, tree trimming, yard clean-up, etc. Recently we worked in Naples, Florida in association with Rev. Eric Hausler and Christ the King Presbyterian Church (OPC). At the end of the week, we will also were able to help Trinity Ref. Church of Cape Coral (URCNA) with Disaster Response efforts in their community.

    Photos from 2023