community outreach

     In our Community Outreach programs, participants perform acts of service for the community in the name of a local church.  The church can use these programs both to build new relationships in their community and to strengthen existing ones. 


Teens actively serving christ

     TASC is a wonderful week of challenging community work projects, spiritual and evening sessions focused around God’s Word, and the communion of the saints both young and old. To learn more about TASC, click here.

Vacation Bible school

     RMS joins a larger church to plan a VBS event and work with the people of a smaller church or church plant, which may not have the resources to host a VBS event in their community on their own.

community action

     Window washing, yard clean-up, & handicap ramp construction are a few of the services that we have found to be perfect for community outreach to begin relationships with the people in a community and share information about the local church.