Haiti 2024

february 7-16, 2024

Haitian American Friendship Foundation (HAFF) HAFF.org

This trip is limited to 15 persons total due to our housing arrangements. We will be serving for one week serving at HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation) high on Haiti’s Central Plateau up in the mountains of Haiti …far away from Port au Prince. It is located in Bohoc, Haiti. This is a rural/suburban community where farming is the main industry. This trip is only for those 18 and older.

Work Projects

We will be working in and around the HAFF compound with various remodeling and maintenance projects. We will as part of our workdays; we will be traveling to the homes of those closely related to the HAFF organization and the local churches. These brothers and sisters have suffered hardship physically and/or financially. These visits, bring amounts of food, prayer, and encouragement to them.


February 7: Travel to Ft. Pierce, FL

February 8: Flight from Ft. Pierce, FL to Pignon, Haiti leaves early morning

February 9: Workday and home visits

February 10: Workday and home visits

February 11: Day of worship and rest

February 12: Workday and home visits 

February 13: Workday and home visits 

February 14: Workday and home visits 

February 15: Leave Haiti mid-day and arrive back in Ft. Pierce, FL late afternoon/early evening.

February 16: If needed, final travel home

On one of the workdays, we will as a group travel to some areas of local interest. This cost is included in your registration costs, however, souvenirs and other personal incidentals for this day will be the responsibility of each participant.


The cost is $1,300, which includes the MFI flight and staying the night of the 8th in the Missionary Flights Hospitality Park (MFHP), which offers dorm room-style housing and a continental breakfast. This fee does not include your travel to West Palm Beach, FL (if flying), the hotel room on the night of the 16th (if flying in and out of West Palm Beach), meals in Florida, donations, and/or any souvenir money.


Our accommodations are somewhat rustic at the HAFF compound. Our team will be sleeping in a guest house with gender-separated bedrooms and if needed, due to the make-up and composition of the group, bunk-style beds (4 to a room, gender-separated).  The shower facilities are from overhead 55-gallon drums (heated by the sun). The toilets are outhouse facilities. There is clean drinking water that will be provided to the team. The food is a mixture of authentic Haitian and American dishes.

More information

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to Rob at rob@rms.org.

Video presentation of the 2023 Trip!!