Community Outreach

In our Community Outreach programs, participants perform acts of service for the community in the name of a local church.  The church can use these programs both to build new relationships in their community and to strengthen existing ones.  See all Community Outreach trips here


Our programs include the following

TASCers re-shingle the home of an elderly, unchurched woman living across the street from a local church

Teens Actively Serving Christ (TASC)

TASC is a one-week Christian service trip for young people, ages 14-19, hosted by an RMS member church.  TASC is the largest of our community outreach programs in which participants perform acts of service for the community in the name of a local church.  The church can use the TASC program to build new relationships in their community, and strengthen existing ones, opening doors for the advancement of the gospel.  TASC is an excellent reminder for participants that mission opportunities are all around us, as they learn to love God and experience the joy in serving others.  TASC is a wonderful week of challenging work projects, spiritual growth with daily devotions and evening sessions focused around God’s Word, and the communion of the saints both young and old.  See all of our TASC trips here

Vacation Bible School

The VBS program is created for small churches and church plants which may not have the resources or manpower to host a VBS event on theis own.  RMS recruits a larger church to plan a VBS event and everything that is involved with it.  They then work with the people of the smaller church or church plant to create a VBS event in their community, for evangelism and ministry outreach.

Community Action

Window washing is one form of service in the communities that we have found to be perfect for community outreach.  By offering to wash the outside of the main floor windows, it opens the door to share the gospel to those who are served, share information about your church, and invite them to come and worship.  There are many variables to this program that can be substituted based on the community that the church is targeting.  These variables can include planting, landscaping, yard clean-up, handicap ramp construction, etc.  All of these efforts can help begin relationships with the people in the community.  RMS helps assemble the volunteers and assists in the planning of these community action events.