2019 North Carolina TASC Updates

Here is where you will find the updates and pictures for the TASC event. We will add content as we receive them. At the end of the event, we will have a link for you to see and download all of the pictures for the event.

June 22-24:  We had a very successful day.  No injuries and several excited people whom we are serving in regards to being invited to our talent show and dinner on Thursday.  Several jobs were completed and there are a couple that will last into tomorrow.  The kids are working very well together and several sponsors have noted that they seem to be falling in together quicker than normal which is really nice to see.  We had our first session tonight with Rev. Knott.  He did an excellent job beginning our study on quenching our thirst with a look at Genesis 3 and why we have a thirst that needs quenching at all.

June 25: 

Everyone is working hard and enjoying their work. We have an amazing group of young people!  They are very diligent and willing in their service work and equally so in their participation in morning devotions and group prayers throughout the day.  The Lord has truly blessed His church in many ways, and this is certainly one that we can see in that the faith of these young people is strong and on display!  We have all very much enjoyed Rev. Knott and the sessions that he has provided.  He tied in the Samaritan woman at the well and her meeting with Jesus, who provides the true living water to quench our thirsts, to our inmost need to be satisfied.

It has been hot here and while there have been no sun burns yet, everyone is certainly working on their tans.

June 26:

The depths of God’s love and provision for His people truly knows no bounds!!  We have seen that in these young people in the faith that they truly live through worship and praise, service to our great God, fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and the witness they bear to this world.  We had a successful day today, finishing many projects and moving on to others.  Our list is quickly being worked through and the service to our community is being noticed by many.  Neighbors, mayors, pastors and many others have stopped by our worksites to thank our groups and show appreciation for their efforts and have been answered by our groups by giving God the glory.  It is a wonderful thing to see and in which to participate.
One local business has provided ice cream to every group when they have a chance to stop by their store at no charge in thanks for our work here.  That has been a highlight among the workgroups and a refreshing treat on these hot days.  The tans have noticeably darkened today but still no serious burns.  We haven’t had any serious injuries other than the occasional finger hit by a hammer which have become for some badges of honor.  We are looking forward to our talent show tomorrow and sharing one more time with those we have helped in the community.
Rev. Knott continued into John 4 with an emphasis on the fact that we have a God who loves us as the “messy” people we are.  He has been an incredible encouragement and the prayer groups, across the board, have been filled with conversations about what Rev. Knott has shared and how much his approach to the scripture and meant and impacted the young people.  We appreciate your continued prayers for the words necessary and the leading of the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel in a fallen world! You can listen to this session on Sermon Audio here.
June 27:
Today is the last day of work.  It was a very productive day.  We accomplished almost all of the work that we planned to get done.  The week seemed to start out a little slow on job completion but it certainly ended with a bang.  Many work groups moved through several projects today and of course did a good job.  Everyone is getting a little tired as the work and the heat are certainly taking their toll.  While moving around today, many naps were taken which was a good thing.
We had a great wrap up session with Rev. Knott tonight.  He pointed us to Christ in a powerful way by tying in our theme of Quench Your Thirst to the fact that we are saved by the grace of God through Christ.  All of us have enjoyed him immensely as he is gifted with reaching young and old alike with his preaching of the Word.  One side note about Rev. Knott, he is also a man with many construction skills and a man who likes to work hard.  All the young people have really enjoyed working along side him as well as hearing his messages.
After the session, we had our talent show which was a great time.  This is a talented group of young people who shared their talents by glorifying God through songs and skits that were both touching and entertaining.  As sponsors, we have all been touched by their faith.
Everyone is excited about tomorrow and our day away at Atlantic Beach.  We are praying for safety and no sun burns and, the Lord willing, we will have a great day of fun and fellowship.
As our Michigan brothers and sisters begin to finalize their travel plans for driving back on Saturday, please keep them in your prayers!


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