ministry development

Our ministry development programs are designed to assist smaller gospel-centered churches and organizations with projects that, when completed, will enhance their ministry. To see the mission trips we are planning, CLICK HERE.



     RMS assembles teams of volunteers to travel to places recommended by our member churches and their missionaries to work alongside the local people building churches, ministry centers, seminaries, pastor’s homes, and other structures vital to the work in the spread of the Gospel.

     RMS has been working in the countries of Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia and Colombia.  


     At times, RMS seeks to distribute monetary donations to ministries and missionaries. We have raised funds to purchase land and materials for structures. Funds are sent to a missionary/ministry to use local people to construct facilities, thereby strengthening local economies. RMS does demand accountability for any funds that we send. RMS also sends a representative to see the progress made on the project.

maintaning facilities

   Some ministries lack monetary resources and labor to keep their facilities in good working order. RMS assembles volunteer teams to assist and seeks donations to purchase the materials needed to maintain and upgrade facilities. These projects are located both in the United States and in foreign countries.