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22 Jul
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26 Jun
Click HERE for Pictures!   Saturday everyone arrived safely and enjoyed a pizza dinner. We played to 2 get to know you games and learned some interesting facts about a few in our group. The kids are mixing well and enjoyed games during their free time.   The TASC group was commissioned Sunday morning. They enjoyed a fellowship lunch with the congregation and played volleyball and games in the afternoon. After church in the evening they played a rousing game of minute to win it where the boys took bragging rights by winning the most rounds.   Monday was their first work day. The group at H.U.G.S. ranch which is a ranch to encourage mental, emotional, physical and social healing to hurting children painted fencing for new corals. ICCF is an organization that helps people that are homeless. This group worked on a rental house in downtown Grand Rapids scraping paint, priming and pruning. Harbor House provides housing for people with severe multiple impairments. They took the special needs residents to the zoo and did some weeding around the facility. Jehovah Jireh provides free food and clothing, as well as Christian love and encouragement, to approximately 175 families each week. They helped pack up and move items to their new facility. Mel Trotter is a downtown ministry that exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ towards the hungry, homeless and hurting of the Grand Rapids area. They spent time planting flowers and cleaning. Love INC is a Christian organization that does everything in the name of Christ. They follow Christ’s example of valuing the poor and needy. This group unloaded a truck of donated items, sanded a deck and tested equipment.    Tuesday the workday began with a little bit of rain. One group could not paint at ICCF but they quickly contacted H.U.G.S. ranch. They painted fencing for new corals and dug a trench. The Harbor House group took the residents bowling in the morning. They had a lot of fun! They spend the afternoon weeding and making up Random Acts of Kindness gifts. The Love INC group helped in the bike repair shop. They took apart bikes and cleaned & repaired them for resale. At Jehovah Jireh they cleaned, painted and packed more items for the big move. They enjoyed a spaghetti & meatball dinner before heading to beautiful Green Lake. The group spend a great evening out swimming and tubing. We thank our gracious hosts Chuck & Rose De Boer and Tyce & Anita De Boer. Rev. Postma read from 1Corinthians 9:19-23 and challenged the group in the evening session to become a servant to all, that you might win more of them. The human tendency is to think too highly of yourself. The remedy for this is Grace-Romans 12:3. Service-1 Corinthians 9:19 & Romans 12:16. Weakness-2 Corinthians 12:8-10. Their worksheet helped them examine themselves to see if they thought too high and low of themselves and whatever was found they need to bring it to the Lord in prayer. To use it to grow more into the witness for Christ that they are called to be.

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