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22 Jul
Click HERE for PICTURES!!!!!!   Saturday: Everyone arrived safely and we got to get to know one another by having to work together creating a skit. It was a great time of a lot of laughter and fun.   Sunday August 9: The TASCers enjoyed a relaxing day of rest and worship. We had a beautiful day for playing games in a local park after morning worship. Following that, we enjoyed delicious meals with PPRBC council members and their families. The TASCers were commissioned at the evening worship service and are excited to begin serving the Lord at the worksites tomorrow!    Monday August 10: We stood in the doorway, drawstring bags in hand. Our shower hosts squinted at us, trying to distinguish a person beneath the layers of dirt, sweat, and grime, bits of moss and paint that covered us. They glanced nervously at their freshly vacuumed white carpet. Before admitting entrance to what they knew could only be one thing: TASCers. Wait. On second thought, maybe I better back up a bit. This morning we awoke to a hearty breakfast prepared by our amazing kitchen volunteers (Thank you ladies!). We sent a group to First Choice Women’s Resource Center where TASCers stuffed nearly 1500 envelopes, packed bags for college students, and prepared kits for the for the centers fundraisers which helps pay for the important work that they do to offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and other services to women in unexpected pregnancies. Another group went to Star-Lake Bible Cam, a Christian organization established by the Salvation Army, where they tore down an old fence, replaced it with a new one, and painted it. They also painted each other along with some benches and a shed. Our TASCers at Solid Rock Day Camp spent the day staining a pirate ship on the playground as well as some picnic tables, weeding and fixing some loose boards around the pool, and cleaning the moss off of the mini golf course. They also answered the questions of curious young campers who wanted to know what they were doing and if they were going to make the pirate ship float. Our last group of TASCers went to serve the Filipino congregation at Bible Christian Fellowship Church by doing some scraping and painting, replacing some wood panels on the outside of the building, setting up scaffolding for later this week and pouring some concrete. All of the TASCers received a warm welcome and a hot shower from their shower hosts. We have been so greatly blessed by their hospitality and the fellowship we’ve enjoyed with the fellow members of the body of Christ. This evening, we were also blessed in our first evening session as our spiritual leader, Rob Brinks, introduced us to our theme of being “All In” for Christ and what that looks like namely by putting others before ourselves. He both challenged us and reminded us that we will suffer for the sake of Christ, but Christ suffered so much more for our sake on the cross so that the Father might lavish His love upon us.   Tuesday August 11: We woke up to some pretty heavy rain showers this morning and the worksite leaders had to make a couple of changes in what the TASCers were going to do that day. Much of the work at some of the sites were outside projects and rain would put a damper on the effectiveness of those efforts. One group, the (D)ream team, as they referred themselves as, went to another First Choice Women’s Resource Center in the village of Montclair. They were scheduled to be there for two days but the work ethic of these young women finished the list of projects, plus some additional work, by 2 o’clock in the afternoon of the first day. The normal work team went to the Bible Christian Fellowship Church, and despite the rain, they scraped and primed more of the church in preparation for the next 2 days of work. The Solid Rock group and the Bethany Christian Services group combined and went to Ringwood Christian School to work on the many inside projects that they had in preparation for the school to open in a few weeks. The…
22 Jul
CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES! Saturday, July 25 We picked up the Michigan, Iowa, and Canada TASCers at the Portland Airport and headed across the mighty Columbia River to Vancouver, Washington (a short jaunt from the airport) for lunch at Burgerville! Then it was back to Salem to meet everyone else! The Salem IRC youth started checking in, the California group arrived at about 5:30 and after they were all unpacked we enjoyed a delicious lasagne dinner. After that we played some ice breakers and it was off to the showers followed by orientation, singing and prayer groups. We finished off the evening with some free time and the most amazing cupcakes for dessert! Sunday, July 26 Sunday began with morning worship and a charge by Pastor Marcusse to the TASCers. We then enjoyed a fellowship lunch with the congregation and an afternoon of games and relaxing at the Kroes’ house! After the evening worship service we had pulled pork for dinner, free time, work site orientation, and prayer groups. Then it was off to bed to rest up for the first work day. Monday, July 27 This day started off a little shaky. Early, early in the morning our first TASCer was down with the flu – she is from our church so her parents came and picked her up. After breakfast it was off to our first work site, Grace Church in Portland, where we had two more TASCers down with the flu. The rest of the group, however, worked so hard they finished early and Grace Church gladly found more work for them to do! Grace United Reformed Church was IRC’s first church plant. After years of praying and planning for a long term facility, Grace recently had the opportunity to purchase their first permanent building! We helped them with various projects on the building and grounds. By dinner time the fourth and hopefully final person (myself) came down with the flu. After a taco dinner (I am told that it was delicious!) it was time for our first evening session. Pastor Marcusse is speaking to the TASC group this week from Philemon, with verse 5 being our theme verse. Prayer groups, free time, and snacks (sooo much good food from our awesome kitchen committee) finished out the day. Tuesday, July 28 Today two of our work groups were off to Aldersgate Christian Camp and Conference Center and the other two were across the street at Turner Tabernacle. Aldersgate is a Christian Camp and Conference Center serving churches, schools, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. They welcome volunteers to help with the maintenance of their grounds and many buildings. Our group did A LOT of blackberry bush cleanup (enjoying some delicious berries in the process) and they have the scratches to prove it! They also did some miscellaneous cleanup and resealed wooded benches. The Oregon Christian Convention (Turner Tabernacle) is a non-profit organization that has been connecting the church in the Northwest for over 160 years. OCC offers conferences, retreats, and seminars throughout the year. These events target areas of ministry in the church to equip the church as it ministers in the local community. Our group did various jobs here including painting and cleanup. The four work groups met up at noon at Aldersgate where they had lunch – homemade pizza! At the end of the day most of the group cooled off in Mill Creek. After work the group went directly to the Marcusse’s for their evening out where they had some crazy fun including a human foosball game, throwing cheese puffs at whipped cream beards, and volleyball. After bbq hamburgers with all the fixin’s we had our singing and evening session outside at the Marcusse’s where pastor spoke on Philemon vs.8-16. Then it was off to showers, some free time at church and then prayer groups. Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Today is a new day – no more flu (and hopefully it stays that way!)!!! Everyone is back and feeling better so we are praising God for that! Our work site for today is Union Gospel Mission. UGM is a Christ-centered ministry demonstrating God’s love by meeting physical, mental and spiritual needs of men, women and…
26 Jun
Click HERE for Pictures!   Saturday everyone arrived safely and enjoyed a pizza dinner. We played to 2 get to know you games and learned some interesting facts about a few in our group. The kids are mixing well and enjoyed games during their free time.   The TASC group was commissioned Sunday morning. They enjoyed a fellowship lunch with the congregation and played volleyball and games in the afternoon. After church in the evening they played a rousing game of minute to win it where the boys took bragging rights by winning the most rounds.   Monday was their first work day. The group at H.U.G.S. ranch which is a ranch to encourage mental, emotional, physical and social healing to hurting children painted fencing for new corals. ICCF is an organization that helps people that are homeless. This group worked on a rental house in downtown Grand Rapids scraping paint, priming and pruning. Harbor House provides housing for people with severe multiple impairments. They took the special needs residents to the zoo and did some weeding around the facility. Jehovah Jireh provides free food and clothing, as well as Christian love and encouragement, to approximately 175 families each week. They helped pack up and move items to their new facility. Mel Trotter is a downtown ministry that exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ towards the hungry, homeless and hurting of the Grand Rapids area. They spent time planting flowers and cleaning. Love INC is a Christian organization that does everything in the name of Christ. They follow Christ’s example of valuing the poor and needy. This group unloaded a truck of donated items, sanded a deck and tested equipment.    Tuesday the workday began with a little bit of rain. One group could not paint at ICCF but they quickly contacted H.U.G.S. ranch. They painted fencing for new corals and dug a trench. The Harbor House group took the residents bowling in the morning. They had a lot of fun! They spend the afternoon weeding and making up Random Acts of Kindness gifts. The Love INC group helped in the bike repair shop. They took apart bikes and cleaned & repaired them for resale. At Jehovah Jireh they cleaned, painted and packed more items for the big move. They enjoyed a spaghetti & meatball dinner before heading to beautiful Green Lake. The group spend a great evening out swimming and tubing. We thank our gracious hosts Chuck & Rose De Boer and Tyce & Anita De Boer. Rev. Postma read from 1Corinthians 9:19-23 and challenged the group in the evening session to become a servant to all, that you might win more of them. The human tendency is to think too highly of yourself. The remedy for this is Grace-Romans 12:3. Service-1 Corinthians 9:19 & Romans 12:16. Weakness-2 Corinthians 12:8-10. Their worksheet helped them examine themselves to see if they thought too high and low of themselves and whatever was found they need to bring it to the Lord in prayer. To use it to grow more into the witness for Christ that they are called to be.

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