• Reformed Mission Services is an organization dedicated to promoting missions and evangelism within the Reformed community. We specialize in providing opportunities and training for fruitful, enjoyable mission work for young people and adults alike. RMS prepares teams to be a blessing to missionaries and church planters as we partner with their ongoing efforts.

  • RMS is an organization accountable to and under the oversight of elders. While multi-denominational in its outreach, a historical Reformed perspective will dominate our mission endeavors. Sowing the gospel seed through the word will be stressed alongside the many helpful deeds performed during any mission opportunity.

  • No. RMS works alongside missionaries and church planters to assist them in their ongoing ministries. RMS leaves oversight responsibilities to calling churches and supporting churches of missionaries and church planters.

  • Participation in the mission opportunities of RMS will be limited to those of high school age or older. Such opportunities will be tailored to individuals and groups. A first-time mission opportunity experience for those of high school age will usually be limited to stateside opportunities, particularly on Teens Actively Serving Christ (TASC) trip. Depending on the mission field needs for any mission opportunity, other restrictions may apply.

  • RMS places a strong emphasis on safety for all involved with our ministries. On trips that may include elevated risk, we will be certain to let potential registrants know ahead of time so they can prayerfully decide whether to participate or find another opportunity. We continue to monitor certain risks such as political unrest, crime rate, disease, etc., and will call off any trip that the RMS Board deems too dangerous to carry out. Also, vaccination and passport requirements along with vital travel information will also be provided. Finally, RMS requires trip insurance for each participant on every trip and includes the cost of the insurance in the registration fee.

  • Yes, all applicants are considered for RMS trips regardless of whether or not applicants are from member churches. It is our hope that such participants will encourage their church to consider becoming members of RMS to support and encourage this ministry.

  • Participants are responsible for the entire cost of the trip. Trip cost is determined by RMS and may include the cost of transportation, food, lodging, a planned day away activity, a donation to missionary for building materials, etc. Nominal administrative fees will also be included which includes trip insurance, t-shirt, etc. Costs for trips may vary significantly due to location, needed materials, and other factors. However, the cost will always be determined prior to any trip commitments.