2019 California TASC Updates

Here is where you will find the updates and pictures for the TASC event. We will add content as we receive them. At the end of the event, we will have a link for you to see and download all of the pictures for the event.

July 6: TASCers from Visalia and Ripon, California, Grand Rapids, Michigan and Menno, South Dakota arrived safely and bonded together right away. After a delicious meal, the group played some great mixer games and got to know each other a little better. A great way to start the TASC week.

July 7: The Lord’s Day. We were blessed today to hear the Word preached in the morning and evening by Rev. Efflandt. In his morning message from John 8:48-59, he spoke about the religious leaders of the day attacking Christ and his message as it is today. He encouraged the congregation to remember that “People in false religions are not the enemy, they are the mission field”. We as God’s people must treat them and their persecution with grace and truth, just as Christ did, without compromising the message of the gospel. All for the glory of God. We enjoyed some wonderful fellowship by gathering with the members of the church for a potluck dinner and we were able, on both sides to get to know each other better. In the evening we meditated on Heidelburg Catechism Q&A 3 on Original Sin. His message focused on these three points, who we were, who we became, and how we become something different.

July 8: Our first workday. In the morning we traveled to Stockton Gospel Center Rescue Mission and the Emergency Food Bank. At the mission, we cleaned the place from top to bottom, sorted clothes and did some landscaping of the grounds. At the Emergency Food Bank, the TASCers distributed food packets to lower-income families. Both places that we worked today really drove home the need for spiritual restoration through the food of God’s word as well as our need for our daily bread for our bodies. Things that we often take for granted.

July 9: Today we worked at Assist International who partners with World Vision and GE to provide needed medical supplies and equipment along with other goods and materials to organizations locally and worldwide. We also were privileged to help Second Harvest who distributes food items to pantries in eight local counties here in the Central Valley. In the evening, the TASCers enjoyed food, fun, and fellowship at Pastor Contreras home, cooling off in their pool.

July 10: The TASCers enjoyed God’s beautiful creation today, soaking up some California sunshine! In the morning we assisted in River Partners with their restoration project by planting Milkweed seedlings in some reclaimed farmland regions near the Tuolomne and San Joaquin rivers. Milkweed is a preferred habitat of the Monarch butterfly. River Partners work to restore areas around rivers that once were farmland to their natural state by planting native species of vegetation and maintaining the area for 2-3 years. After that time the land is left untouched by the group to grow naturally. In the afternoon, the TASCers assisted Priceless Treasures Thrift store by passing out approximately 800 coupons in the neighborhoods surrounding this organization. These coupons would Lord willing, bring new customers into the store, giving opportunities for the staff to share the gospel with them.

July 11: Our last work day. The TASCers traveled to Teen Challenge farm. The projects were to clean up and help with their wood reclaiming projects as well as the bus ministry. A group of TASCers worked in the garden, helping them with harvesting some crops and weeding. This garden if for use on site and for selling some items at a roadside stand. The men use the reclaimed wood to create furniture pieces and decorations that are sold at that same stand. Later that afternoon we went back to the home of Pastor Angelo Contreras to relax by the pool and have dinner together. Pastor Angelo wrapped up his sessions there in the evening. He had been instructing and challenging us all week in Biblical wisdom. and left us with some nuts and bolts about how we can get that Biblical wisdom. His application of wisdom is “applying God’s law to our every area of your life”! We are to take the knowledge of God and His Word and use that information to make decisions for all of our lives.

July 12-13: For our day away, the TASCers traveled to Santa Cruz for a day of fun and relaxation. The boardwalk sports many options including a wooden rollercoaster called the Giant Dipper. There were arcades and games as well. After the time on the coast, the group made their way back to the church through some of the central valley scenic byways stopping for supper along the way. Once back the students packed up their belongings and straightened up the church a bit. They decided that since the South Dakota and Michigan TASCers were leaving in the early morning hours, that they were going to pull an all-nighter. At 3:00 am we gathered for prayer and our tearful goodbyes. We all had made it home safely.

To God be the glory for a great week on TASC in Ripon, CA!

For some of the pictures of our week, click here: